GABRIELE KROMER in front of her graphic "CURIOUS BREED OF PINK DOGS" (2009) on the occasion of her art exhibition in the Hotel KRONE in Gottlieben, Switzerland, 2010

Selected reviews about Gabriele Kromer’s work 

(translated into English by WK)

The author and critic Gerd Zahner wrote on Febr. 12, 2010, in the QLT MAGAZINE about Gabriele Kromer: “I’m facing a women with great charisma, of her work I foresee: it will sometime be very famous. These pictures are like a big bridge that ends in the middle of the river, and you start to fly …“

Dr. Maria Schorpp in the SÜDKURIER of Sept. 14, 2011: „With her desire for punchlines, the graphic artist keeps the subjects skilfully in limbo“

Christoph Merker 2012 in the BERCHTESGADENER ANZEIGER about Gabriele Kromer’s graphics: “First they appear naive, partly playful … but the first impression is deceptive … the happy colors quickly are broken … with her pictures as with her poems, Kromer addresses the essentialities of human life“

The author and critic Gerd Zahner writes about Gabriele Kromer’s graphics in the QLT MAGAZINE of June 15, 2013: “These are unreal realities … A gallery owner who shows it in large format will bring in the harvest“

Dr. Edith Rabenstein in the feuilleton of the PASSAUER NEUE PRESSE of March 17, 2015: “Black humor is the mark of … Gabriele Kromer“.

Dr. Maria Schorpp in the SÜDKURIER of June 10, 2015: “The Grand Hotel Majestic with the imposing past presents the artist’s graphics since six years. The exhibits aroused the interest of the Italians in a contribution of the artist to the world exhibition“ [EXPO 2015 in Milan].

Franziska Röchter commented on Gabriele Kromer’s booklets „SOME DOGS FLY“ and "BIRDS SING BAREFOOT" which were the "recommendations of the month" by the LYRIKGESELLSCHAFT LEIPZIG, Febr. 2018: “About flying dogs and shoeless birds: Gabriele Kromer’s fantasy worlds: A little bit gaga, a little bit dada, a little bit crazy – and a lot of spirit!“